microDrum 1 : A New Hope

Dear microdrummers, has been a long process but it ended. The microDrum 1 is ready to be printed. As you can see from the picture is an "all inclusive" card, that is, in the same board there are also 12 stereo jack (24 inputs), MIDI ports, USB and power. Also, big news, for the first time the card also supports audio output via the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the ...

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Normally I do not speak of my "tools" of development but in this case I make an exception. I bought this Bluetooth Serial Link and be able to upgrade (and control) the nanoDrum wirelessly is fantastic! I only regret not being able to be programmed directly from the iPad ...

BC547 silk error

Test is okay, but I made the same mistake that I had made in nanoDrum: silkscreen of BC547 is wrong. Must be welded reversed (EBC -> CBE). Anyway now I put the model in the store. Removed the PCB that I used for test and those bought in pre-sale I do not have many in stock ... you'd better hurry. CAUTION: I have not tested the card Teensy (because I ...

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Test Phase v0.8

The new PCBs v0.8 have arrived and they are really nice. Fritzing is a great software. For this version I chose the color black. I included all the innovations that I had introduced with nanoDrum and also the compatibility with Teensy 3.2. Now I do some tests, if it's okay I'll put it in the shop. UPDATE: The test started. It all seems ok. I had some problems with the USB .... ...

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microDrum PCB v0.8

    I completed the design phase of the new cards. As you can see I added all the news that I had introduced in nanoDrum but plus I added support for cards Teensy. As usual I have no money to print them, so to speed up the time I add the model in the store as fundraising.

The first nanoDRUMs were shipped!

In the past days I have updated the firmware code, introducing support for nanoDrum, I published the latest version of the firmware picoMIDI for MIDI-USB, and the schemes of nanoDrum. picoMIDI is also compatible with the microDrum so if you want to use in order to create your MIDI-USB adapter with a ATTiny4313 , you can do it using the code on GitHub. I lost time to make this version of ...

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Hi friends, excuse me if I was a bit absent but have been very busy with work. I was able to write a first version of the USB-MIDI drivers for Attiny4313 (for nanoDrum, but can also be used separately). Here is the link on GitHub. The code is not yet fully operational, but I hope to finish soon so I can stop the fundraising and send the first nanoDRUMs. picoMIDI ...

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It’s alive!

I hope, in a few days to finish the hardware test so I could dedicate to complete the firmware midi-USB. When I finish this I will ship nanoDrum to those who supported me and will cut off the fundraising mode.

Wake the shop!

I received some requests for PCB microDrum v0.7, components etc ... Unfortunately, I have finished everything, I can buy them back but I ended my money "pro-microDrum" to develop nanoDrum. Because of the costs of shipping and some constraints for printing PCB, I have to get at least 3-4 orders by type before I can make orders. Today I reactivated all fields but buyers should know about having to wait a ...

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