microDrum 1 : A New Hope

Dear microdrummers, has been a long process but it ended. The microDrum 1 is ready to be printed. As you can see from the picture is an "all inclusive" card, that is, in the same board there are also 12 stereo jack (24 inputs), MIDI ports, USB and power. Also, big news, for the first time the card also supports audio output via the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the ...

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Test Phase v0.8

The new PCBs v0.8 have arrived and they are really nice. Fritzing is a great software. For this version I chose the color black. I included all the innovations that I had introduced with nanoDrum and also the compatibility with Teensy 3.2. Now I do some tests, if it's okay I'll put it in the shop. UPDATE: The test started. It all seems ok. I had some problems with the USB .... ...

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microDrum PCB v0.8

    I completed the design phase of the new cards. As you can see I added all the news that I had introduced in nanoDrum but plus I added support for cards Teensy. As usual I have no money to print them, so to speed up the time I add the model in the store as fundraising.

Kickstart (closed)

Dear friends, since in many ask me to buy microDrum already welded, I developed a new pcb. I called nanoDrum and has the following characteristics: Arduino free 24 inputs MIDI IN and MIDI OUT simple direct connection with LCD, buttons and Wave Trigger I am thinking of selling it already welded (whit all components) at 50€ but to make the cards I need 150€ then, just as they do on Kickstarter, I decided ...

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New Video (I kept my promise)

Ok, this video may seem like another demonstration how much poorly I play the drum but reality shows that I was able to make a fully self-contained module for eDrum. Hence it will no longer need to connect microDrum to PC to play but just turn it on ... you can also upload your own  favorites samples. All this thanks to  Jamie Robertson's  WAV Trigger  (APPLAUSE!).  Of course it was also ...

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The Italian Job (Mainboard v0.7)The Italian Job (Mainboard v0.7)

New version of the mainboard of the microDrum. This new version supports working at 3.3V Arduino boards (like Arduino DUE) and the MIDI Thru. Of course, to achieve this I had to change a bit the card but can be used in "V5 - No Thru" mode with the same components of the v0.6. In the coming days I will publish the schema and the PDF version of the card. &...

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microDrum Official BoxmicroDrum Official Box

After several studies, using different materials and different techniques, I came to a conclusion. The box you see in the gallery is the official box of microDrum.

I'll make some corrections and then publish online the design. As you can see, is made of a single sheet of plexiglass 4mm cut by laser. The bend I made it at home. Obviously, the project will be made ​​available online ...

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Latency test N°1Latency test N°1

Today I started to do some tests to calculate microDrum latency. I used a Behringer UCA 222 sound card as an oscilloscope , the software "Electroacoustics Toolbox" to analyze the signal and, for convenience, a MIDI Thru Box to split the output of the microDrum (this have certainly introduced a delay). I have connected an input between the piezo and the microDrum and the other input to one of the outputs of ...

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New Video 5New Video 5

For this new video I used the Medeli dd506 linking it to microDrum and a MacBook Air with Addictive Drums.
Per questo nuovo video ho usato la Medeli dd506 collegandola alla microDrum e ad un MacBook Air con Addictive Drums.

New Video 4Nuovo Video 4

I created the new video on the fly, forgive the quality of the result, but, above all, forgive the quality of the drummer. The HH works with Hall effect, but I still have to fine tune the magnet's distance from the sensor ... The crash is Yamaha and the ride is Roland but the rest is the work of my hands.

At the end of the video ...

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