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Arduino Due and HIFI sound

Arduino Due and HIFI sound

Postby albatrillo » 23/01/2017, 15:22

I've been researching a bit, and I've found a HIFI module :D. It would be very interesting to be able to use the module with an arduino due to get the sound directly. The only "problem" is that the module uses an I2S communication which I do not know but I have also seen forum examples so that arduino due can use that protocol.


"I2S PCM5102 DAC Decoder 32bit "

"I2S PCM5102A"

I hope it will help to further advance the project

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Re: Arduino Due and HIFI sound

Postby WesleyS » 07/02/2017, 1:31

Those i2c audio cards are cool, I've seen some used before. But it would need more hardware to get it working. To play audio with a microcontroller you need a few things:

  • a place to store the audio files (like a SD card)
  • a place to load the audio files into before it is played (like RAM or flash memory)
  • a device to convert to audio file into sound (i2c soundcard)
SD card readers are readily available and work well with arduino, but reading from them sample at a time is slow and would take too long. Many companies make soundcards like those that work with the arduino, so the main problem is where to load the files to. The memory available on most microcontrollers is too small to load/play anything close to CD quality, so something else has to be used. I think if we can find some type of memory, we'll have some good audio for this project! Maybe we can use this thread to keep track of hardware we find

EDIT: looks like the Teensy supports the "I2S PCM5102 DAC Decoder 32bit " you posted via this link:
and a 16MB serial flash: the Winbond W25Q128FV
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Re: Arduino Due and HIFI sound

Postby redtide » 06/10/2017, 6:38

I wonder if an Arduino, with the needed additional hardware, could do what a PC + VST, a WAV Trigger card or a Raspberry PI + USB Card + some software (SamplerBox, Linuxsampler) do...
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Re: Arduino Due and HIFI sound

Postby WesleyS » 23/12/2017, 0:24

I'm sure it could, but that would take a ton of coding to get working. And I doubt collecting all the necessary hardware would be cheaper than just buying a wav trigger.
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