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LCD more colorful

LCD more colorful

Postby albatrillo » 03/01/2017, 14:50

I would like to suggest that there is a 128x64 pixel LCD. Its name is LCD 12864 full graphic Smart Controller. It is very cheap and could give a very interesting view of the project. ;)
Please bear in mind, if you can implement the new "LCD" in the code for "Arduino DUE" would be a good advance.


You can also find the separate LCD


And its size is only slightly larger than the 16x2 LCD :mrgreen:


No image is mine, just google examples

Thanks and best regards
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Re: LCD more colorful

Postby WesleyS » 07/02/2017, 2:09

That would be cool, I just got a 20x4 I2C LCD working with the MicroDRUM. I though maybe the two bottom rows could be a VU meter for each pad/pin while the top two still did the regular settings.
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