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Nanodrum questions

Nanodrum questions

Postby morticians » 24/04/2016, 10:18

Hello there,

I am trying to set up nanaodrum with wav trigger and I have some questions.

1. Is it possible to configure nanodrum from md-config-tool ? I have tried to do "load all from microdrum" to see what are "factory default" nanodrum settings, but it's not working. If its possible somehow? could someone tell how to do that ?

2. I want to use nanodrum in midi mode all the time I turn it on, but after power off and on again, the "MODE" setting is always OFF, and i need to turn it back on. Is there some way to save that setting?

3. I monitored nanodrum midi output with some MIDI monitoring software, and i saw that all the notes came from channel 10. As a test example i monitored Snare head (note 071, channel 06), but monitoring caught note on channel 10. Is that OK, or some bug ? Look at the attached pictures.

And it seems that channel setting is not changeable using LCD and buttons. Is that true?

channel 06, not 10
chan.png (131.89 KiB) Viewed 1024 times
note 071
note.png (136.59 KiB) Viewed 1024 times
getting note 071 on channel 10
note-chan.png (12.46 KiB) Viewed 1024 times
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Re: Nanodrum questions

Postby Jmartens1114 » 30/04/2016, 15:01

Hi did you look at beginning of the md_firmware sketch, there's a portion called microdrum_sketch there are some opening lines that you can turn midi on and off as the program loads. I'm no expert and please keep original copy safe, but you can try to configure there. Just analyze the choices for your usage, then load program and see if it helps. You can always go back to original.
You can open the sketch (firmware) in arduino software. Once open look for tab with microdrum on it. You should be able to switch midi to a 1, save the change, then verify and load to device.
There is a section for midi also you could probably find the channel used in there, but i haven't tried any of that yet.
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Re: Nanodrum questions

Postby WesleyS » 07/02/2017, 2:21

1. I think the nanodrum and the md-config-tool don't work together. I would just use the LCD for changing settings.

2.If you're using the newest firmware you can look for this in the file Jmartens1114 was talking about:
Code: Select all
mode Mode=MIDI;
unsigned long GlobalTime;

Yours won't say MIDI, so erase what is there and put "MIDI" in its place.

3. Channel 10 is the channel MIDI drums are normally on. No it's not a bug, but not being able to change the channel (and it displaying the wrong channel) is. I asked on another thread so maybe one of us will get a fix for it.
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