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Cant Understand how to use Software

Cant Understand how to use Software

Postby ashleymosey » 08/03/2017, 12:30

So iv been sat hours trying to figure out the micro drum software i just dont understand it
so when i hit the individual piezo it looks like they all give the same CC codes ruffly
Image it doesn't matter which one I hit the CC Code look ruffly the same and they will play a random array of drum sounds when i hit any of them no of them accuratly play one sound each.

i tried using addictive drums to set it up but if i use the learn feature and hit one of the Piezo's it registers it fine but then every Piezo is for that one drum im at a dead end iv ready around the forums as much as i could find

i even found on one comment a link to a full instruction guide but it was in Italian and i was unable to accurately translate it to English were i could understand what it was talking about

this is my setup iv got 10 piezo's rest of the empty pins are all to ground
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Re: Cant Understand how to use Software

Postby WesleyS » 27/03/2017, 3:59

Your images aren't showing up(at least for me). Any chance you could try another way, like photobucket or a dropbox?
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