Normally I do not speak of my "tools" of development but in this case I make an exception. I bought this Bluetooth Serial Link and be able to upgrade (and control) the nanoDrum wirelessly is fantastic! I only regret not being able to be programmed directly from the iPad ...

BC547 silk error

Test is okay, but I made the same mistake that I had made in nanoDrum: silkscreen of BC547 is wrong. Must be welded reversed (EBC -> CBE). Anyway now I put the model in the store. Removed the PCB that I used for test and those bought in pre-sale I do not have many in stock ... you'd better hurry. CAUTION: I have not tested the card Teensy (because I ...

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Test Phase v0.8

The new PCBs v0.8 have arrived and they are really nice. Fritzing is a great software. For this version I chose the color black. I included all the innovations that I had introduced with nanoDrum and also the compatibility with Teensy 3.2. Now I do some tests, if it's okay I'll put it in the shop. UPDATE: The test started. It all seems ok. I had some problems with the USB .... ...

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microDrum PCB v0.8

    I completed the design phase of the new cards. As you can see I added all the news that I had introduced in nanoDrum but plus I added support for cards Teensy. As usual I have no money to print them, so to speed up the time I add the model in the store as fundraising.

The first nanoDRUMs were shipped!

In the past days I have updated the firmware code, introducing support for nanoDrum, I published the latest version of the firmware picoMIDI for MIDI-USB, and the schemes of nanoDrum. picoMIDI is also compatible with the microDrum so if you want to use in order to create your MIDI-USB adapter with a ATTiny4313 , you can do it using the code on GitHub. I lost time to make this version of ...

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Hi friends, excuse me if I was a bit absent but have been very busy with work. I was able to write a first version of the USB-MIDI drivers for Attiny4313 (for nanoDrum, but can also be used separately). Here is the link on GitHub. The code is not yet fully operational, but I hope to finish soon so I can stop the fundraising and send the first nanoDRUMs. picoMIDI ...

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It’s alive!

I hope, in a few days to finish the hardware test so I could dedicate to complete the firmware midi-USB. When I finish this I will ship nanoDrum to those who supported me and will cut off the fundraising mode.

Wake the shop!

I received some requests for PCB microDrum v0.7, components etc ... Unfortunately, I have finished everything, I can buy them back but I ended my money "pro-microDrum" to develop nanoDrum. Because of the costs of shipping and some constraints for printing PCB, I have to get at least 3-4 orders by type before I can make orders. Today I reactivated all fields but buyers should know about having to wait a ...

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Fundraising (reloaded)

...after the suggestions (thanks Wesley) I redesigned the nanodrum: without Arduino 24 inputs MIDI IN and MIDI OUT simple direct connection with LCD, 2 buttons and Wav Trigger expansion connectors shift register for the LCD (3 free digital inputs) USB port (for MIDI and firmware upload) and therefore I propose again the idea of collecting funds to print the first PCBs. The use of the shift register is well documented on the internet ...

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