Here is the beta version of the schema and pcb:

microDRUM_v0.7 (Schematic) downloaded 7938 times

microDRUM_v0.7 (PCB) downloaded 5086 times

microDRUM Jack v0.4 (Schematic) downloaded 3841 times

microDRUM Jack v0.4 (PCB) downloaded 2860 times

microDRUM LCD v0.1 (Schematic) downloaded 2910 times

microDRUM_Box_v1.1.pdf (Design) downloades 2418 times

And here is the software, that is absolutely unstable and dangerous:

microDRUM_Firmware_v1.0 downloaded 4184 times

microDRUM_ConfigTool_v1.0 downloaded 4372 times

DrumScope v0.1 downloaded 2907 times To run the ConfigTool is required. NET Framework v3.5 from Microsoft. To upload the firmware you can use the same ConfigTool, for security should do so with Arduino connected with only USB, the rest of microDRUM must be disconnected.

microDRUM Python Executable for Windows v0.0 downloaded 2064 times