Talking with friends who build pad DIY, I reflected on the difficulty of determining the quality of a homemade pad. And thus the difficulty of finding the best parameters to configure the microDrum. So I decided to create a new program that could help determine the best parameters.

It is not yet complete, for now determines ScanTime,Threshold and MaskTime, but I’m working.

If someone needs a hand, or simply wants to help me to test the program,must do so. Download Visual Analyzer, connect the pad to analyze to the input of the soundcard, and record 60 seconds of shots on the pad,with different dynamics, at distance of about a second (so that the signals do not overlap).

Save the data in a text file, and send them zipped by email. Will test the program with that data and see what happens. You can do it also for pads and cymbals Roland, Yamaha, etc. …

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